Tanning & Hair Removal

Spray Tanning

Available in natural 12% DHA or Dark 14% DHA, ideal for a wedding, party or prior to your holiday. This service is best a day or so before the occasion.

Morrocan Tan

Waxing is the removal of hair from the root from the face and body

We are one of the very few salons that use a none-strip wax which minimises discomfort dramatically. For intimate areas we use a high quality hot wax by Peron Regot.

Peron Rigot

Warm wax which is also referred to as cool wax has grown in popularity over the years. Warm wax is a sticky substance made from a mixture of resins and oils. The technique involves applying the wax with a spatula in sections on a specific area, a strip is pressed over and pulled away swiftly therefore removing the hair at the root. This technique is used for legs and other larger areas.

Hot wax contains beeswax. The technique is different to that of warm wax, it is applied in sections but in a thicker layer and shrink wraps the hair. It is left to set and then removed. As the wax only adheres to the hair and not to skin, discomfort is reduced dramatically compared to ‘strip’ waxing on intimate areas. The technique is generally used by more experienced therapists as it is a highly skilled treatment to perform correctly and efficiently. The hot wax is used at Urban Chic Beauty for face and intimate waxing.

Both methods give the same end result and waxing should be repeated every 4-6 weeks for the treatment to be effective at reducing the density of the hair and slowing down the re-growth.


Threading is a temporary method of hair removal using cotton thread. The method originates from the Middle East and has been practised for many years and has now become popular in the western world. A piece of cotton is twisted round the fingers and rolled over the hair. The hair is caught in the twist and is pulled out of the follicle.

Threading is a great alternative to waxing and tweezing.

Bikini definitions

Standard bikini - hair is removed from either side of the knicker line so hair cannot be seen. This includes hair along the inside of the very top of the thigh.

G-string - client must wear a G-string so hair is removed along the guideline of this.

Brazilian - hair is removed completely from the labia, anus and traditional bikini area, you are left with a strip of hair on the pubic bone only, this can be thin or wide or triangle shaped.

Hollywood - All pubic hair is removed completely, no hair is left on the labia at all.

Please feel free to contact the salon with any questions regarding waxing services that you may have. There is nothing we haven’t heard before so please don’t feel embarrassed to ask.

Hair removal & reduction

Please call for details regarding our Intense pulsed light hair reduction system.

Pulsar IPL